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Home Remedies and Natural Treatments To Cure

You should wash your baby skin with a mild non-drying soap, which is very important. The baby acne can appear because of the hormonal changes and oil glands in the baby body. You should keep the baby skin clean and hygienic and dry during an outbreak. These are some of the best ways to find out the 100% working baby acne treatment.

You should not use skin lotions or creams which can cause pore clogs. You should use a moisturizing baby wash instead of the skin lotions if your baby skin is dry. You can apply the mild lotions if you do not see any acne on the chest, neck and the back of your baby skin. You have to select carefully the right type of treatment that will suit your baby’s skin condition and specifications.

You should remember to dry your baby face when he/she drools or spits up during a feeding. Prolonged moisture around the mouth can increase the chin acne. You should have a dry cloth to wipe the baby face regularly. You should use the hygienic and clean cloth, which is very important.

You can use a baby powder on the affected acne region in the baby skin. You should rub it smoothly and gently throughout the affected region. You can use the cotton ball to apply the powder. You should make sure that the powder does not get into the eyes, ears or mouth of the baby.